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This is the place where you find my brain dumps. It might not look like disciplined thoughts at all, but I try to stay on topic. However, with a lifestyle business, most aspects of my life will impact the business.

How to keep up productivity in the summer time

For a Norwegian like myself, the summer is special. Almost holy. The entire country shuts down for almost two months. I am very grateful that this phenomenon exists, but I like to work and spend my cash when most other people are at home and prices are normal.

The one thing I find hard about working on and off. Both during a summer in Norway, but also on the road, is how to pace yourself. So more than ever, I rely on the Pomodoro Technique. In short, you set aside 25 minutes focus slots. Break for 5 minutes and go again. 

For the slower schedule, I am still using 25 minutes, but I switch between professional and personal activities for every pomodoro (if I am not in totally flow mode). 

This seems to work very well this time around. It´s easier to start working as I know it´s only going to be for 25 minutes. And I have a great conscience when it comes to my family and other holiday activities. Now, we are preparing to take the entire family on the road for extended periods of time. So this is more important than ever. 


I will update you on my progress, and keep the pomodoro resource list evergreen, so please let me know if there are any tools or insights I could test. 



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