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Disciplined Thoughts

This is the place where you find my brain dumps. It might not look like disciplined thoughts at all, but I try to stay on topic. However, with a lifestyle business, most aspects of my life will impact the business.

Why being sick helps productivity and focus

Being sick is sometime a blessing. If you are so sick that you cannot do the minimum required, you will have to prioritize. 

If you think there is a possibility that you can die, this sets in for full. Play around with the idea and the number of years you have. A mini-scare is good for your focus and goal setting. 

Even if you just cancel a few planned calls or meetings, the forced reflection is valuable. This is the pareto principle. Your results are probably coming from 20% of your activities. The hard part is to figure out which 20%.

If you are sick the 80/20 is in motion! Be more sick!