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This is the place where you find my brain dumps. It might not look like disciplined thoughts at all, but I try to stay on topic. However, with a lifestyle business, most aspects of my life will impact the business.

The Man with the Plan - Telling the Founder Story

Your audience connects to stories.

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, and any successful leader has spent some time reflecting on the why behind the company and his or her own efforts.

A CEO or a founder does not need to be the face of a company. However, the story is needed. Real companies have real stories. They are built on passion and meaning.

I find that CEOs and founders always do a great job talking about their product. To get it on camera, some need a few drinks, some need a very limited audience, and some need two hours of small talk to get started. But when they get going, it is very valuable information that comes out.

The conclusions from these personal inquiries are the juicy information. The stuff that agencies cannot create and that does not fit on a label.

Some made a conscious decision when they started, but most people built the why step by step and refined it throughout the years.

Here are some videos, that in different ways explains the why and the commitment of its founder.

Starbucks - Keep it simple and short

Zen Posture - Solved a pain and passion for product

Deadmau5 - Be honest and real

Seth Godin - You don´t have to dress up...

Go Pro - The story and the personality

Prada - An indirect approach to telling the story

Well, that´s a quick rundown of some videos showcasing the people behind the brand, idea or product.