Erlend Sand
Strategist, Advisor and Investor



Speaker Overview

Best know for the business freestyle where heanalyzes business opportunities on the spot, he also has well prepared keynotes about a range of topics. They are all connected to his main focus, but a few nerdy topics are also in the archive. In stead of doing the same topic over and over, a tailor made approach is his modus operandi.

BI Keynote


Based on his experience as both an entrepreneur and a private investor, I like to highlight the difficulties in creating the right early stage funding framework. The focus in on smart capital and the changes in the industry in the last few years. A few of the introductory talks can be found online.



Inspired by freestyle rap and improvisation, this session is not planned. It´s a high energy breakdown of a specific case. This is usually the setup for my weekly webinar, so I have some training. However, results may vary when it comes to the brilliance, but never the engagement. Being wrong or off target is also insightful for the audience. 


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