Evernote Tip

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I found a great article by Michael Hyatt yesterday that taught me a new way to increase the power of Evernote.
The trick is to group your tags. Creating a few meta tags is awesome and the reason why I love mind-mapping so much.
Once you start organizing your tags, you will quickly learn something about the way you use Evernote. And something about yourself. What have you been focusing on lately? And why?
Your why answers should be your meta tags or parent tags if you will.
I use “role” as a meta tag. Most everything can be grouped by the roles you play. Another I found useful is “venture.” In my business setup, this means company or project. You might have another one, something along those lines is needed.
Another great group is history, present, and past. As many people use Evernote both as a filing cabinet and for upcoming planning events, this can make a big difference.
You can also create stacks from your notebooks, and the timeline tags can also be an excellent way to divide your notebooks.
I´ll get back to organizing my tags.
Let me know how this works out for you.


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