Evernote Tip

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I found a great article by Michael Hyatt yesterday that taught me a new way to increase the power of Evernote.
The trick is to group your tags. Creating a few meta tags is awesome and the reason why I love mind-mapping so much.
Once you start organizing your tags, you will quickly learn something about the way you use Evernote. And something about yourself. What have you been focusing on lately? And why?
Your why answers should be your meta tags or parent tags if you will.
I use...

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How to Use Evernote to Acheive Inbox Zero

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Seeing email only once

I hate seeing the same email in my mailbox more than once. That means that I am doing something wrong. I view email as my old school physical mailbox. It´s a place where someone leaves my mail, and once I have checked it, I should be gone.
In order to get mail out of the inbox, you need a system for what to do. I think this should be as simple as possible. If not you tend to need a system to set up your system.

The One Software

So after years of testing...

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